David Daniels - CEO

After traveling a bit and attending Jazz Fest on the east coast from Saratoga to The Capitol Jazz Fest in Maryland to my home state of Connecticut’s Hartford and Waterbury Jazz fest as well. I asked the question “Why not a Bridgeport Jazz Fest in my hometown, Connecticut and most notably Bridgeport artist have contributed their collective and individual talents and influence on some of the world’s greatest stages for sure. Guitarist Johnathan Dubose has traveled the world with Harry Connick is from here, Drummer Willie “Bam Bam” Parker and Jazz Joyner traveling the world with R&B Legend Joe are from here and John Mayer was born in Bridgeport Hospital to name a few, why not Bridgeport, why not Connecticut?
To that end I sat out to formulate such an event for our city , state and for our local and national artists, after a great start in 2020 the world came to screeching halt because of COVID, I had to stop what I was planning for summer 2020, almost a year later I severed ties with a few people that were not fully committed to project and Amy Cabrera and I restarted the process in May 2021 to bring forth the BRIDGEPORT JAZZ FESTIVAL for August of that same year, We started talking to talent, vendors, sound people, volunteers, politicians, corporations, area restaurants , city officials and anyone else we thought would listen to us or help us and together we got it all done. This website is a testament to what we where able to accomplish and a commitment from us to make this a legacy event for the city going forward every summer and every year, getting bigger and better all the time. It features a photo gallery for you to peruse our videos and pictures, our individual information brief bios, information about our upcoming events and future dates and line-ups feel free to share with our family and friends and also a page for you to donate to this work going forward.


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